How To Plan The Perfect Honeymoon


By Jim Antista “The Cruiseman” 

1. You want to get away from the ordinary.

Now that you have married the person of your dreams it is important to get away from the details of everyday life and celebrate the beginning of your new life together. You need this time away to rest from the nerve racking pre-wedding schedules and also to have a chance to discover more about one another in private without schedules or people from your day to day lives interfering with your special time together. One of the wonderful advantages of a cruise is that you can have all the privacy you need or want while also allowing you the advantages of a resort atmosphere. You set your own schedule or have no schedule- it is up to you. Most cruise ships have 24-hr. room service and meals may be brought in anytime for your private dining. Whether this is your first marriage or “second time around,” this time away together is crucial to getting your marriage off to the right start. After all, you are worth it and deserve to get away from the ordinary!

2. You want it to be very romantic.

Moon light walks on the open deck, dancing close in one of the many lounges and discos, listening to piano or lounge music, holding hands and enjoying the fabulous sunsets, quiet diner for two in your cabin or on your private balcony, or whatever romance is to you, it may be found on a cruise ship. The wonderful staff aboard the ship is always ready to pamper you and see to your full enjoyment of your cruise ship experience.

3. You want to go to some fabulous destinations.

Your destination may be as wide as your imagination! The most popular island destinations for honeymooners are Hawaii and the Caribbean Islands. However, the cruise industry can take you to such exotic places as the Far East and Asian Islands, the South Pacific and South America, the British Isles and Scandinavia, Europe and the Mediterranean, Africa and the Canary Islands or India and the Middle East. Alaska and Canada are becoming very popular also. Just a word of caution in planning your honeymoon vacation, choose a destination that offers a wide variety of options and avoid extremes of experience unless you both can share them equally. Don’t assume that because one of you enjoys a particular destination or sport, that the other will automatically feel the same. A honeymoon is a time to enjoy things together that will be pleasing to both. Also try to avoid returning to a destination where you have happy memories with an ex or deceased spouse. This is unfair to your new partner to relive old memories. This is your time to make new and different memories with each other. It is important to plan ahead to make sure the destinations you wish will be available at your specific time. The Cruiseman can help you find the right destination which will work for you both.

4. You want a luxurious resort atmosphere.

Your days spent at sea will offer many wonderful ways to unwind and forget schedules and clocks. Let your mood determine how you will spend your time! Perhaps you may wish to get up early and enjoy the incredible sun rise on the ocean. Or, maybe you will decide to sleep in with breakfast in bed. Luscious fruit, fresh pastries and your favorite beverages are always available and throughout the day you will have to decide among the exciting culinary choices. If you tire of basking in the warm sun poolside you may find a good workout in the gym followed by a stimulating massage or sauna just what need. There are also exercise classes, dance classes, sports contests and other organized deck activities. Perhaps you may want to shop at the onboard gift shops where jewelry, perfumes and alcoholic beverages may be purchased duty free. As night approaches, the whole ship begins to sparkle. The ship lights up with Vegas style shows and entertainment in all the clubs and lounges. Stand-up comics keep you in stitches and singers will perform romantic repertoires. The casino is always full of action with games of blackjack, poker, craps, as well as slot machines and the roulette wheels. Perhaps you would rather move to the latest rhythms in the nightclubs or dance to Big Band sounds in the lounges. In the high energy dance clubs and discos the beat goes on and on until the wee hours. Or you may rather step out onto the quiet deck where thousands of stars light up the sky and balmy breezes brush your face. Here in the quiet you may find a peaceful shipboard nook to sit and enjoy the time alone together. And, don’t forget, all this is where you stay while on your way to those dreamy destinations!

5. You want it to be all-inclusive.

One of the most wonderful advantages of a cruise is that it is all-inclusive. This means that your food, cabin service, live shows, bands and gym are all included in the price of your cruise. The only things not included are personal gifts you purchase from the onboard shops , alcoholic beverages, and money spent in the casino. Gratuities may be prepaid if you choose. This means you do not have to worry about finding a restaurant and there are no cover charges for nightly shows or entertainment in lounges. Your cabin steward makes your bed and provides you with fresh towels daily as well as turns down your bed for you at night. You may use all the equipment in the gym and the pools and whirlpools are there for you to enjoy. Your luggage is brought to your cabin when you arrive and you only have to unpack once. At the end of your trip your luggage will be taken off the ship for you. You are not constantly packing and unpacking and rushing to meet airline schedules, keeping up with car rentals, or worrying about your next hotel room.

6. You must have great food, and plenty of it!

Bad food will spoil any vacation, and that is especially true of your honeymoon. You want to remember the excellent cuisine that you enjoyed on your honeymoon, and also excellent service. Where will you find this? Why, on your honeymoon cruise, of course. Full breakfasts, luncheons and diners are served in the main dining rooms while salads, pastas and juicy burgers are served poolside. International cuisines may be enjoyed each night and excellent Midnight Buffets provide enough food to keep you partying all night long. The major cruise lines all put a lot of work and money into their cuisine. They know that the one thing that you will remember above everything else is how you enjoyed the food. Your cruise ship will have a whole staff of experienced chefs from around the world to delight you with very lavish five course meals, every night! And every night features a different menu with many selections! All cruise ships have a traditional dining room with exceptional service. Most ships also feature several “alternate” dining areas on board. These vary from an informal buffet area to a small intimate theme restaurants. Most ships have some sort of 24 hour dining available for those that get the “munchies” late at night. Three large ships even have a “Johnny Rockets” 50’s theme cafe! The best thing about your cuisine choices is that it is all included in the price of your cruise! Cruise ships are famous for their excellent sea food and tender juicy steaks, as well as many other options, including low-fat and vegetarian selections. And don’t miss the famous “Midnight Buffets” either. This is when the chef staff gets to show off their creativity. Chocolate addicts will really love the Midnight Buffet! Be sure to bring your camera. Everything on the buffet is edible, and it’s all yours!

And remember… it’s all included in the price of your cruise!

7. Of course, it must be affordable.

The prices for cruises are as varied as your choices. There are many cruises available in all price ranges. There are 3, 4, and 5 day cruises which are less than the typical 7 day cruise. And of course there are lengthier cruises which will cost more. The cruise lines offer specials on certain dates and sometimes for people who live in certain states. When you decide on your date, it is a good idea to put your deposit down on the cruise you want. Then you can make payments each month or at intervals to pay it off before the deadline. Cruise lines are offering so many deals that makes cruising affordable to just about anyone. You rate is determined by the type of cabin you select. The basic options are Suites; Balcony Cabins; Oceanview Cabins (picture windows); and Interior Cabins (no window). The Cruiseman can help you find one that fits your budget but provides an unforgettable trip for this special time in your life.

8. It should be such a wonderful experience that you’d want to do it again!

More people are discovering that a cruise is the “Perfect Honeymoon” because it best fits their desires and expectations. Travel professionals have said that cruises have the highest percentage of satisfied customers more than any other vacation experience. This is due to the wonderful service, unlimited choice of destinations, all inclusive prices, fabulous buffets, and gorgeous sunsets!! Once you have tasted all the pleasures of life on a cruise ship you will be back for more, and with so many itineraries and different ships available there is a lifetime of enjoyment awaiting you. Anniversaries, birthdays, family reunions and many more possibilities for exciting times at sea await you. When you spend your honeymoon trip on a cruise you will make those special memories of a lifetime which will bring you back time and again to renew the joy you experienced. Many couples end up taking a cruise for their first anniversary.

If you can see how a Honeymoon Cruise might just be the perfect honeymoon for you, give us a call @ 1-800-889-7683. We will be happy to walk you through the process of selecting the perfect Honeymoon Cruise. We do advise, when possible, that you plan ahead at least six months to get the best rates and best cabin selection.

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